• DOMINA Origin

    DOMINA is a Latin word with multiple meanings related to the status of a Woman: lady, mistress, queen, wife. Domna is the shortened Latin form, from which the Italian word Donna was derived, meaning Woman. Domina it's an everlasting word, that represents this luxury Italian brand designed by women.

    Our History

    Founders and owners, the Dal Sasso sisters are self-made women and loving mothers. As brilliant entrepreneurs and SPA owners, for 25 years they have woven their experiences, talents, and dreams into creating Domina Skin Care. The beautiful quality and excellence of this Italian-made brand is now quickly making its way into the American market. Utilizing their combined business backgrounds, spa, esthetic and cosmetic experiences, the Dal Sasso sisters founded Domina as they recognized the value of women as people full of resources, dreams, and ideals. They wanted to respond to the beauty needs of women, to convey beauty from the woman's point of view.

    "As women, we felt the need to talk to women about the innate beauty and harmony, which are inside every woman."
    S. Dal Sasso
    "We decided to take care of the skin, because that is the special place where the extraordinary stories of women are written on."
    D. Dal Sasso
    "Treating skin is understanding it. Just like a woman, the skin lives, feels, speaks and needs to be heard."
    T. Dal Sasso

    Our Philosophy

    DOMINA is proud to recognize itself in the motto: "women to women"
    The company follows this path, with a passionate female team behind the inspiration, development, marketing, and delivery of an exceptional performance skincare brand. DOMINA is a story of women in charge of their destiny and time, who want to take on new challenges, as well as inspire and empower others to follow their passion.

    DOMINA expresses its vision in the world: "The Italian Beauty Concept" bringing to light the value of natural and innate beauty, that every woman possesses and should reveal.

    Domina wants to know and love the story every skin tells. Skin is where you can read where a woman has been in her life.
    Domina sees the beauty in each women's story and wants them to know time as an ally of charm, and believe life's experiences are a advantage of absolute beauty.
    For these reasons, Domina has designed its products to respond to women's skin needs, using the power of Nature and its secret treasures.
    Our high performing products are rich blends of natural ingredients combined with the best o f biotechnological innovation for effectiveness, taking care to respect to the physiology of the skin.
    Domina is research and tradition, experience and innovation